Vibration Reduction gloves with excellent performance

Gloves Line-up:
Most of ATOM's gloves are knitted. They are more comfortable and softer for operation comparing leather ones.

TypeProduct No.Product nameFeatureCatalog
Anti-vibration1160-ENew VibeRestStandard model of Anti-vibration gloves1160-E
Anti-vibrationTK-805ViBlockOil, chemical and water resistantTK-805
Vibration Reduction1121-7EVibeRestStandard model of Vibration Reduction1121-7E and 1121-7BP
Vibration Reduction1121-7BPVibeRest PlusOpen back coated model1121-7E and 1121-7BP
Vibration Reduction1121-FCVibeRest Half FingerHalf finger gloves1121-FC and 1121-6KE
Vibration Reduction1121-6KEVibeRest KKnitted with stronger fibers1121-FC and 1121-6KE

Note: "Anti-vibration" gloves have better performance on vibration restriction than "Vibration Reduction" gloves.

ATOM Philosophy:
One of ATOM's philosophies is "To support the safety, comfort, and productivity of workers".
This is our desire to provide our customers with safety, comfort, and improved productivity through the use of our gloves, achieving "smooth operation," "less fatigue," and "no injury".

To support the safety, comfort, and productivity of workers, we provide products with new value through our "Only One" and "Number One" technologies.
This has been and will continue to be the ATOM style.

Product Development:
Wearing the right gloves for the job will change your work efficiency and physical fatigue.
With our "Only One" and "Number One" technologies, we want to deliver products of new value that our customers want and that they have never imagined.
With this in mind, we listen carefully to the voices of the market and our customers and manufacture products with the safety and comfort of workers as our top priority.

Strict Quality Control System:
We have a complete inspection system in place at every stage of the manufacturing process, from raw material procurement to product shipment, and only products that have passed strict quality checks are delivered to our customers.