Hot Forging tools for electrical service

KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG has unique and excellent technology on Hot Forging production with long experience. Their quality tools are very tough and reliable.

In addition to their original products, They supply OEM products too. From design to production, one stop service is available.

HOT FORGING that produces overwhelming durability compared to other manufacturing methods

It is extremely difficult to manufacture thin blades through the forging process. We have achieved this with our unique hot forging technology and have succeeded in developing products with excellent durability.


The pictures below show durability comparison test results of the following three blades.
A) Hot forged blade made by KOBAYASHI TOOL MFG in Japan
B) Lost wax molded blade made by a Taiwanese maker
C) Machined blade made by a Chinese maker

Test conditions
Subject: Blade of wire cutter
Method: Cut 325mm3 copper wire 500 times