We have supplied high-quality and heavy-duty "SI" brand Air Tools made by Shinano Inc. since 1990 as one of their exclusive export agents. Shinano is a leading Japanese maker producing air tools for more than 50 years. All products are made in Japan.

Comprehensive Product Lineup

  • More than 300 types of wide range products can cover various applications in industries such as automotive, building construction, and heavy industries.
  • Lineup of Air Tools: Ratchet wrenches, Impact wrenches, Screw drivers, Sanders, Polishers, Grinders, Drills/Spotmills, Cutting tools, etc.
  • Develop and modify tools that can meet unique demand of each market.

Proven original SI brand and OEM products with long experience and good quality control

  • Shinano air tools have been used in over 40 countries since 1969
  • More than 15 million OEM products have been supplied to famous eight tool brands in the United States.
  • Over 600,000 the original "SI" brand air tools have been sold in Australia since 1980. "SI" is the top brand of air tools in Australia.
  • 900,000 units of OEM products to 10 well-known brands in Europe for about 15 years.
  • Since 1981, 300,000 units have been exported to Sweden and Finland.


Shinano's Industrial Air Tool series are the models enhanced on heavy-duty and long-time operation. They have 150% more accurate performance and higher durability than standard air tools. They are proud of higher performance and quality on Productivity, Accessibility, Ergonomics, Durability and Safety.
Suitable for industries such as Building construction, Bridge construction, Ship-building, Aircraft, and Welding.