Stylish and comfortable protective sneakers/trainers made by LAUGHTER in Japan

Laughter shoes make you smile during working time and after-work.

Product concept

  • Quality work shoes with cool and stylish design at low price.
  • Very comfortable to wear and fit not only work clothes but also casual wear.
  • The shoes do not look safety work shoes but have high level of protective function.


  • Stylish shoes with high protective function
  • Certified by JSAA (Japan Safety Appliances Association) as Protective sneakers A class
  • Steel-toe protected and very comfortable for long time wearing by good flexibility and light weight
  • Original oil-resistant thick soles are made of hybrid of EVA and lubber. They make good stability and shock-absorbing
  • Mid-cut design protects ankles
  • Well-crafted at low price


Model no.LSS-18010
ColorBlack and Red
UpperArtificial leather PU of polyurethane and polyester
SoleOriginal oil-resistant by hybrid EVA and lubber
Sizes 25.0, 25.5, 26.0, 26.5, 27.0, 28.0 cm
WidthEEE (good for wide feet too)
Weight360g/shoe (26.0cm)
Safety functionSteel-toe protection and JSAA Standard A class certified. See below table for more information

Safety performance
Passed the following Japanese safety standard "SAA A CLASS" tests.

Test itemRequirements
Impact resistance70J
Compression resistance10KN
Delamination resistance of sole200N or more
Shock absorption at heel20J or more
Anti-slip0.20 or more (coefficient of dynamic friction)
Punch resistance1,100N or more
Antistatic characteristic1.0×105≦R≦1.0×108Ω at 23±2℃
LeakproofNo constant bubbles

Example use and site

  • Work shoes for factories, warehouses, shops, offices, schools, hospitals......
  • Construction site
  • Preparation for disaster
  • After-work


Highly evaluated by the authentic Japanese design award.