ANEX is one of the famous leading hand tool brands in Japan. It has more than 60 years history and won GOOD DESIGN AWARD in Japan many times.

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Tools to Assemble Dreams
The feeling of accomplishment when you use a tool for the first time in your life and assembles something by your own skill -- that can develop to great dreams, and also led to bring many technologies and engineers. One of the most important concepts of ANEX is "Tools for Creating Inspiration". Superior functionality, quality, and innovative design are combined with the sensibility of the user to create excellent usability. Tools have evolved to supplement human hands and become part of the physical body in order to make complex works and products. They will continue to be passed down and used daily as an asset to mankind. From the excitement of our childhood to the distant future, ANEX hopes to realize the dreams of mankind through the creation of hand tools.

Unique Integrated Production System
ANEX utilizes its unique manufacturing technology to perform integrated production in-house, from metal processing to heat treatment, plastic molding, and assembly, all under optimal production control. ANEX screwdrivers are manufactured to strict dimensional accuracy in accordance with the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and the Japan Camera Industry Standards (JCIS), ensuring excellent screw fit. In the manufacture of other hand tools, we do not overconfidently believe in our technology, but always face the market, listen to the voices of actual users, and develop, design, and produce products that are truly needed by our customers as quickly as possible. Meeting all requirements as a product is the ANEX standard and the basis of our thorough quality control.