1. Tip of the tool is compact, fastening operation in a narrow space is easy. (Tip size is 13.0mm width, 18.0mm height)
  2. Shock at the tightening and cutting is light, it is not tired even in long continuous operation.
  3. Grip width of the trigger is so narrow, it can be used comfortably in a small hand workers. (Trigger stroke is 38.0mm)
  4. The cable tie inlet size is 8.0mm width, 1.8mm thickness.
  5. Cutting blade is an exchange type which can be removed.
    Body weight is 280g.
  6. Specialized high-cut attachment FX-1 (Cutting length 1.5mm) is optional.

Proper tightening strength

Proper tightening strength shall be selected in accordance with bundle diameter, wire covering material and fastening place, etc. The consideration which does not damege the wire covering without being too loose and shifting from fastening place is required. Please select wide range of tightening strength by the strength scale of 1-8. It is based on the U.S military standard.

F305 catalog


Fantening tool that supports high-efficiency and high quality bunding work.
It is useful for the cost cut of bundling work.

Fasten and cut with one operation
These fastening tools are special tool that fasten plastic cable tie by manually. If set the strength scale in advance to match the diameter of the wire bundle, the dimensions of the cable tie that you want to use, the cable tie will be bound tight and cut to setting strength. The increase in efficiency of fastening work of a wire harness is promoted.

  • Equal tightening strength
    After tightended with setting strength, cable tie will be cut automatically. Regardless of a worker’s grip strength and fatigue condition, it binds tight by equal strength.
  • Cut right-angles to the wire bundle, ensure fastening
    There is no protruding parts on the tool side, the cable tie is moved backword along the center of the tool in the tightening process, the cable tie is cut at right-angles to the wire bundle and fastening is a more reliable.
  • Lightweight, fastening operation with less fatigue
    The tools are 280g lightweight and compact size that can be handled easily even width a small female hand. Moreover, there is very small reaction at the cutting, it is not to flip a chip of cable tie, work is possible with light grip.
  • Clean cut, safe subsequent work
    After tightening, cut to clean the excess cable tie, subsequent work is safe widthout leaving a burr to cut.