Company nameUchida Corporation
Address1804 Ogawahigashi-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 187-0031, JAPAN
TEL/FAXTEL: +81-42-343-5134 FAX: +81-42-343-5937
PresidentAkira Uchida
FoundedFebruary 1991
Export business authorized
by our manufacturers
- Various industrial tools and products
- Automotive parts and chemical material


Feb. 1991Start international trade business in Tokyo, Japan.
Export electronics parts to China.
Oct. 1993Export film capacitor production equipment to Mexico.
Nov. 1995Increase the capital to JPY10,00,000.
Mar. 1998Start to import electronics parts from China and Hongkong.
May 1998Start to export material for automotive industry to India.
Jul. 1998Start to export pneumatic tools to UAE.
Feb. 2004Start to export plastic molding machine to Thailand.
Mar. 2006Start to export plastic molding machine to Indonesia.
Apr. 2009Start to export pneumatic tools to India.
Nov. 2014Start to export cable tie tools to south-east Asian counties.
May 2018Start to export pneumatic tools to Mexico.
2018-2021Uchida Corporation was adapted as a company supported by JETRO's Consortium for New Export Nation.